Buying and Selling Forages
What do I need to know before I buy or sell hay? What is hay, straw, and other forages currently selling for? Where can I buy or sell forages?
North Dakota State University Extension Service
Main home page of the NDSU College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources - ND Agricultural Experiment Station - NDSU Extension Service
NDSU Extension Service - Forage Publications
NDSU Extension Service Forage Publications. Lists informational research articles applicable to the forage industry.
Minnesota Crop News
The latest crop news for Minnesota agriculture from the University of Minnesota Extension Service.
Scissors Clip Website
Wisconsin Team Forage: Forage Quality Changes During Spring Growth. Describes the scissors clipping procedure and explains how to interpret scissors clipping results.
Team Forage Website
University of Wisconsin Extension Forage Resources. A surplus of forage information.
University of Minnesota - Extension Service - Forage
University of Minnesota Extension Service forage publications, product descriptions, news releases, newsletters, and related websites.
University of Wisconsin Forage Research and Extension
Includes forage variety trial results, comparison of different alfalfa varieties, forage articles, other UW web sites, and other forage related links.
UW Forage Testing Lab - Composition of Recent Samples
Gives information on the Soil & Forage Analysis Lab including their history, hours, location, services, fees, staff info, and procedures. Provides info on soil testing, forage testing, waste analysis, web analysis, and the madison lab as well.
University of Wisconsin Forage Research and Extension Forage Resources
Harvesting and Storage Articles
Wisconsin Customer Operators Website
Main home page of Wisconson Customer Operators
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Find research conducted by Cornell!